Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bad News For Ohioans

The more we learn about Gov. Kasich's budget, the more disgusted every Ohioan feels. In Gov. Kasich's previous budget, school districts were hit with dramatic cuts to their state funding. Kasich's new budget has made a lot of Ohioans aware of additional cuts to many agencies and departments around the state.

Many poorer school districts discovered that the new budget has no increases in funding. Superintendents from southeastern Ohio have awakened to the fact that the governor just doesn't seem to care about the plight of their struggling districts. A member of Kasich's education team even suggested that students in poorer districts could learn music online if they didn't have a music teacher available (see Plunderbund). The callous disregard that Gov. Kasich and his advisers have displayed toward education in Ohio should be a red flag to every parent and taxpayer in this state.

Gov. Kasich doesn't seem interested in providing an equal, quality education to every child in Ohio. His budget aims to cut poor districts down to the bare bones. Every person knows that in order to prepare our youngsters for a good future a good quality education is a must. However, Gov. Kasich appears to want to create two separate education systems---one for the rich, and one for the poor.

What will Ohio's future be if we fail to provide quality education for all our children? Ohioans must respond to this abhorrent school funding budget by letting our elected officials know that if they support this education inequality, that voters will not support their re-election.