Thursday, February 14, 2013

100 years....

* Today we celebrate the 100th birthday of  Ohio State's own---Coach Woody Hayes.  I was a student during part of his time at Ohio State, and when we lived near campus after our undergraduate years. His contributions to Ohio State University, the football program, and his philanthropy were immense. The Ohio State University Library has a tribute to Woody Hayes online today.

>  Leave it to Ohio Gov. John Kasich to use his State of the State Speech to make it into a political data collection event.

Ohio's Democratic chairman is questioning the propriety of a public online lottery for State of the State tickets organized by Gov. John Kasich.

Through the contest at, the Republican governor offered a limited number of tickets to next Tuesday's policy address in Lima. The deadline to enter is today, and winners are to be notified Friday.

In a Wednesday letter to House Speaker William Batchelder, Democratic chairman and state Rep. Chris Redfern said the speech is a legislative event, not an administrative one....

Kasich must be trying to get names and numbers for his re-election campaign. Meanwhile, other people have noticed the massive Kasich prison failure----

CentralFloridaFuture (University of Central Florida):

When Corrections Corporation of America spent $72.7 million for one of Ohio’s facilities, Gov. John Kasich thought this would serve as a model for other states stuck in a financial slump. However, it seems that Kasich’s privatization solution has only worsened conditions inside and outside of the barbed wire.

Shortly after becoming the first state prison in the country to be sold to the private company CCA in 2011, Lake Erie Correctional Institution has failed to meet several standards. The most shocking being denial of medical care to prisoners. Among the other infractions were delayed doctor appointments, negligence of those requesting nurse visitations and the inability to accommodate inmates with conditions such as diabetes and AIDS.

Other violations included those as fundamental as running water, working toilets and proper beds. Some inmates were even found using plastic containers and bags as improvised toilets. Without enough beds to go around, prisoners were triple bunked and forced to sleep on mattresses on the prison floor.....

The article reveals even more of the failures at the prison and shows that privatization is risky for the community, families of prison guards, inmates, and everyone except the corporations.