Saturday, February 02, 2013

Money to Be Removed from Public Schools

*  With the voucher expansion program being promoted by Gov. Kasich, public schools would lose money, according to the DaytonDailyNews:

....Following up on the implementation of the new Report Card and Third Grade Reading Guarantee, if students in K-3 fail – or fail to progress in reading – they will be eligible for school vouchers.

“The expansion related to the Third Grade Reading Guarantee would be deducted from the resident district in the same way that the EdChoice program currently operates,” Lynch said, adding the vouchers would be $4,250 for K-8 and $5,000 for 9-12.

Some public officials are concerned about the potential impact expanding the program further could have on public schools......

Poor schools which generally have the most voucher requests will lose more money. Then the non-public schools grow, and FOK (the Friends of Kasich) involved in charter schools will make profits. 

The Third Grade Reading Guarantee could be a real hot potato considering the lack of input from real experts on the "guarantee" promoted by Kasich. I'm very interested in seeing how people who have no educational classroom background, no experience teaching reading, and little interest in working with classroom teachers can guarantee reading success through a program created by outsiders.

***  Did anyone else notice that some of the glowing comments Gov. Kasich got on his "online townhall" meeting came from those associated with charter school promoters and corporate operators of schools. Look over the twitter response from #OHEdu and the names of those who gave good grades to Kasich's latest plan to destroy public schools. The positive comments have some ties to charter schools and "education" think tanks. Teachers, of course, were not invited to participate because we all know that Gov. Kasich still holds a grudge against Ohio's teachers.