Monday, February 25, 2013

Kasich Still Targeting Teachers

> Ohio Gov. John Kasich's new plan for education appears to be coming directly from Michelle Rhee, Students First, and other right wing anti-public school groups. Ohio's teachers may have thought that Kasich wasn't going to go after them again after SB5 was crushed by the public, but they are still in Kasich's sights. Kasich is still the vindictive person he has always been.


....Among the changes, Kasich would:

· Eliminate the minimum teacher salary schedule from law.
The schedule sets a minimum for how teachers get automatic pay increases for years of service and educational attainment, such as earning a master’s degree. Critics, including the national education group Students First, have argued that, except for high-level math and science teachers, getting a master’s degree matters little in the quality of instruction. They also argue that, after about five years, experience also makes little difference....

· Eliminate the requirements that districts have one speech pathologist per 2,000 students and one psychologist per 2,500 students.....

If there is one thing that some people haven't learned yet it is that John Kasich and his buddies won't be happy until they've destroyed public schools and their unionized teachers. The Koch Brothers must be so proud of their pupil, John Kasich.