Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Would you like a forced ultrasound?

*  Did you know Republican Paul Ryan was a cosponsor of a national bill to force an ultrasound for women who want an abortion?  HR 3805 was sponsored by Jim Jordan (OH-4th). 

*  The Romney-Ryan talking points about Medicare are lies.  If you vote for Romney and Ryan, seniors will pay more per year as the Republicans move to destroy Medicare. President Obama has actually helped seniors on Medicare

Republican candidates are not allowed to say "entitlement reform," "privatization," or "every option is on the table" because it is true.  The Republicans want to get rid of Medicare and will lie to win the election and do it.

President Obama will continue to protect Medicare and has worked on
(the following is from How ACA Helps Seniors)
- closing the "donut hole" on senior medications,
- reducing co-pays and deductibles,
- making sure that those on Medicare cannot lose their coverage or have it reduced,
- improving the quality of medical services....

The Republicans are lying.  The Republican lied about their plan to create jobs.  They didn't create jobs.  Instead of working with President Obama on getting our infrastructure fixed and make millions of jobs in building roads and bridges, rebuilding schools, fixing public buildings, etc., the Republicans sat on their fat a@@es and did nothing. Since taking over the House of Representatives, the Republicans have had over 30 votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act, voted numerous times to de-fund Planned Parenthood, voted against abortion (again, again, again, and again). The Republicans wasted time and your tax dollars.

**Tonight Ed Schultz did a great job breaking down life under the Paul Ryan budget plan.  Here are a few items from what Ed presented tonight on MSNBC-TV:

Paul Ryan & GOP's Assault on Medicare (reviewed by Congressional Budget Office and others)
    1. Turn Medicare into a Voucher Program
    2. Raise eligibility age to 67
    3. Seniors would pay an additional $6400 more per year

On Medicaid- Under Paul Ryan's Budget Plan (as reported by Kaiser Family)
    1. Cut Medicaid over $700 billion
    2. Cut 14-19 million people off Medicaid

For the Middle Class Under the Paul Ryan Budget Plan    (per JEC Chair's staff)
    1. Those making between $50,000-100,000, would have a tax increase up to $4,479.
    2. For millionaires - They would get a $331,544 tax cut.

 If you are a widow and you receive $800/month from Social Security, Paul Ryan and the Republicans want you to pay an additional $6400 per year.

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