Friday, August 24, 2012

Mandel's March Against Women

Do you remember this?

Writes Like She Talks had a post in 2009 in which Republican Josh Mandel marched in an anti-abortion protest in Cleveland.  The story was carried in the Plain Dealer which had Josh Mandel involved in the march to protest a bill to promote a woman's right to choose.  Mandel marched because he was against it.  The Plain Dealer article reminds the reader that Sen. Sherrod Brown "....supports a woman's right to choose..."

(I wonder if someone has any pictures or videos of Mandel in that march..... Hmmmm.)

Josh Mandel is part of the male-dominated right wing, anti-women, Republican Party.

Women Are Watching reminds us:

Mandel supported the dangerous Blunt amendment, which would allow any business or corporation to deny any essential health care service they object to, including coverage for birth control. Mandel maintained that it was “not an issue about birth control.” [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 3/2/12]

.....Mandel wants to defund Planned Parenthood and jeopardize health care for millions of women. Given the chance, he would end federal funding for lifesaving cancer screenings, birth control, and affordable, quality health care at the drop of a hat. Joining the ranks of Dennis Rehberg, Steve King, and Allen West, Mandel is just another politician who thinks he knows better than women and their doctors. He opposes abortion with no exceptions, even in cases of rape and incest OR to save the life of the woman. Unlike Senator Sherrod Brown, Mandel doesn’t believe women should make their own health care decisions....

.....In the Ohio Senate race the choice is clear: do you want someone who is willing to stand up and protect access to affordable quality care or someone who is so out of touch, he fails to realize the importance of women's health?

Josh Mandel was a vocal supporter of SB 5, the Republican bill that would have jeopardized the futures of teachers, fire fighters, police officers, nurses, and state workers.