Sunday, August 05, 2012

Oh, really?

There several very interesting little tweets about Josh Mandel:

Lady in Josh Mandel office said,we pay him to be treasurer,all he does is campaign for senate.we have a boss with huge ego.
We've been trying to get Josh Mandel on the morning newscast but so far, he's not agreed to appear.
there is a groups of ladies at Starbucks this morning, asking people to sign petition to repeal, remove, fire Josh Mandel, lol
Senate (and whatever comes up next) must really hate his job as Treasurer.  He must love, love, love being on the campaign trail where big time contributors boost his ego, call him a "rock star," and write big checks for his campaign. 

>>>  Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel certainly knows how to fix his schedule.  It is convenient that he was in Niles, Ohio, on a campaign stop on a Friday afternoon.  Niles is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from his home in the suburbs of Cleveland.   It must be very difficult for him to fit in a work schedule since he is so busy campaigning all the time.

•••••  Why won't Mitt Romney release his tax records?  Does he think he is better than all the previous candidates?  What is he hiding?

>>>>  I can see why Romney was in Indiana supporting Republican right winger Richard Mourdock--- they both supported the bankruptcy of the American auto companies.  Romney and Mourdock just don't care about working families.