Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Upset Yet?

>>>>  Republican candidate Josh Mandel is so unpopular in Ohio that he is being propped up by outside money from far right, anti-middle class, pro-wealth PACs. Josh Mandel is like a puppet figure for the Republicans that will do anything that they ask him.

Josh Mandel, Ohio's absent Treasurer, has refused to release information about which companies got contracts with his office. There have been 3 total requests for this information.


...The Republican candidate for Ohio's Senate seat is being pressed to release contracts granted by his state office to banks, money managers and investment brokers...

Josh Mandel says he is for transparency, but apparently Mandel is as transparent as a concrete wall.

> I wonder how much Josh Mandel thinks he owes the family of the David L. Brennan, owner of White Hat Management and other companies.  According to the Ohio Secretary of State, campaign contributions website, Josh Mandel has received thousands and thousands of dollars from David L. Brennan and his family members.  Here is the link that shows how much David L. Brennan, kingpin of Ohio's charter schools, has contributed to Mandel: LINK.

* Republican Josh Mandel, as a member of the Ohio House, voted against a bill that would notify tenants that their rental house/apartment is under foreclosure.  HB 9:

Include a provision in any written rental agreement that informs the tenant of the landlord's obligations under section 5321.20 of the Revised Code. The provision should substantially conform to the following:
"The landlord must notify you within sixty days after a foreclosure action is filed that the property you reside in may be sold at auction pursuant to that action. The landlord must also notify you of the date, time, and place of the sale at least twenty-one days before the date of the sale at auction. If the property is sold at auction, the new owner will become your landlord, the rental agreement will convert to a month-to-month rental agreement, and the previous owner is required to remit to the new owner any security deposits that you have paid."

Josh Mandel voted against it.  I guess he believes that tenants don't need this information.  Mandel is an idiot.


* Is anyone else trouble by the fact that Mitt Romney lets other people do his dirty work?


...Earlier speculation had been on Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) and former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty. Chris Christie’s name has come up as a dark-horse possibility. Romney’s eldest son, Tagg, apparently had the duty of notifying Portman and Pawlenty that they were not the choices....
Mitt Romney made a public announcement calling on Todd Akin to quit the race, but he did not make a personal telephone call.  Romney let his running mate, Paul Ryan, make the phone call.


...Mr. Akin told ABC's "Good Morning America" that Romney's running mate, Rep. Paul Ryan, called him to personally plea that he step aside, but Mr. Akin said "it's not right for party bosses to override" Missouri voters, who knew they weren't getting a "perfect" candidate....

Why doesn't Romney have the decency and the courtesy to call people and make his opinions known?  During the war in Viet Nam, Romney protested in favor of the war, but went to France on missionary work instead of going to war. Apparently, Mitt Romney is a weasel.