Friday, August 31, 2012

Move Forward or Go Back to Failed Policies

****  Where do you want the country to move? Should we move forward with President Obama, or back to the failed policies of the past with Romney?  Moving forward with President Obama sounds better to me!  We need a more inclusive society, not a Romney society where only rich, white men have power (and dogs are put on the roof).

• • •> There is still plenty of fall out from the charges by Josh Mandel, Ohio's absent Treasurer and current Republican candidate. Josh Mandel said that Sen. Sherrod Brown's vote was, according to Mandel, "un-American."


...Thursday, local veterans, including two retired Army Generals, denounced Mandel’s choice of words. Ret. Major General Dennis Laich said, "having spent 35 years in the military, I have a sense of what un-American looks like in terms of words and deeds and I can tell you that the vote that Senator Brown took, in no way, represents an un-American act."

...Retired Army Brigadier General Sam Kindred took offense at Mandel’s suggestion that Senator Brown’s vote was somehow “un-American.” “It belittles those Americans who put their lives on the line or are putting their lives on the line every day fighting the real un-Americans – It denigrates their service.”

Major General Laich said he and other veterans applaud Mandel for his service in the Marine Corps. But Laich says Senator Brown’s experience with military issues at a national strategic level far outweighs Mandel’s experience as a Marine at the tactical level....

Once again, Ohio voters are witnesses to the depth of Josh Mandel's knowledge of policy, issues, and ethics.  He has none.  Josh Mandel is a puppet for the far right. The people that want to privatize Social Security, give vouchers to your grandparents for Medicare, end Medicaid for the poor, close public schools, and provide more tax cuts for millionaires, are pulling the strings for the awkward, candidate, GOPer Josh Mandel.

*  Mitt Romney's speech doesn't mention things that are important to Americans: Social Security, Medicare, Iraq, ending the war in Afghanistan, immigration, etc.