Monday, August 20, 2012

Their Actions and Words are Despicable

* Republican Rep. Todd Akin of Missouri, is a candidate for U.S. Senate. After Todd Akin's comment about how a woman's body's reacts to a "legitimate rape," the public, and elected officials weighed in on his comments. The Republicans have voted numerous times on women's health since they've taken control of the U.S. House.  Todd Akin's views of women, rape victims, and the rights of women are horrifying.


...Responding to a reporter's question on Monday, Obama demonstrated why Akin's comment is a waking nightmare for Republicans:
"The views expressed were offensive. Rape is rape. The idea that we should be parsing and qualifying and slicing what types of rape we're talking about doesn't make sense to the American people. And certainly doesn't make sense to me. So what I think these comments do underscore is why we shouldn't have a bunch of politicians, a majority of whom are men, making health care decisions on behalf of women."
"Although these particular comments have led Gov. Romney and other Republicans to distance themselves, I think the underlying notion that we should be making decisions on behalf of women for their health care decisions or qualifying forcible rape versus non-forcible rape, I think those are broader issues. And that is a significant difference in approach between me and the other party ..."

Thank you, President Obama!!!!!!

It is no wonder that women support President Obama and the Democrats by wide margins.  Republicans like Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor, Steve Stivers, and the rest of the GOP, are more interested in what is happening in a woman's vagina and uterus than creating jobs!  Women are not the property of men.  Women have every right to determine their own health choices----not Todd Akin, not Mitt Romney, not Paul Ryan, not Eric Cantor, not Steve Stivers, and not any member of the Republican Party. 

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Republicans are working hard to restrict, stop, and prevent people from voting.  Doug Preisse of the Ohio GOP has made it obvious where he stands. 

Think Progress:

...Doug Preisse, chairman of the Republican Party in Franklin County, which contains the city of Columbus, admitted in an email to the Columbus Dispatch that black voters would now have a more difficult time voting:
I guess I really actually feel we shouldn’t contort the voting process to accommodate the urban — read African-American — voter-turnout machine. Let’s be fair and reasonable.
Preisse was one of the board of elections members who blocked Democratic efforts in Franklin County to expand voting hours to evenings and weekends. According to the Dispatch, he called claims of unfairness “bullshit. Quote me!”

I guess now we know exactly how Doug Preisse feels and that he and the Republicans will go to any means to win, even if they violate the Voting Rights Act and the laws of our nation.  Let me also remind you that Doug Preisse is a close adviser of Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

The only way to shut up the hatred of Doug Priesse, Kasich, and others who want to stop your vote is to beat them at the polls.  Vote. Vote by absentee ballot. Vote and let these people know that you will not be stopped in exercising your right to vote against them and their Republican Party.