Sunday, August 12, 2012

People Are Reacting.....

***** Whoa!  He did it again!!!!!!!

*******  Republican Josh Mandel Received his 6th Pants on Fire  *******

Ohio's absent Treasurer, Josh Mandel, is a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate.  Mandel, has made another statement in his political ad that has been called his 6th Pants on Fire by Ohio Politifact.

....The ad claims Brown sent billions of dollars to foreign countries. The information that the ad uses to back up that claim, that Brown voted for the stimulus bill, has been proven false. Brown did not make decisions on how that money would be spent, and he was one of the senators who called for its suspension after the foreign grants were reported.

When confronted with those facts, the Mandel campaign offered as support for its claim that Brown votes for appropriations for U.S. foreign operations. That's the money for embassies, war-related spending to help establish new governments and the U.S. portions of international missions. That's a ridiculous stretch from what the ad implies, which is that Brown tried to hide that he irresponsibly sent billions or our tax dollars to foreign countries.

We have a rating for statements that are both false and ridiculous. It's Pants on Fire.

OMG!  Josh Mandel would lie and go to any lengths to get elected. Shame.

• There seems to be some confusion as to how much of the Paul Ryan budget plan would be adopted by a possible Mitt Romney administration.  Romney has spoken many times on his admiration for the budget and Paul Ryan's plans.

Here is more on the Paul Ryan speech he gave about Ayn Rand as quoted by the Atlanticwire:

  • "But the reason I got involved in public service, by and large, if I had to credit one thinker, one person, it would be Ayn Rand."
  • "And when you look at the twentieth-century experiment with collectivism—that Ayn Rand, more than anybody else, did such a good job of articulating the pitfalls of statism and collectivism—you can’t find another thinker or writer who did a better job of describing and laying out the moral case for capitalism than Ayn Rand."
  • "It’s so important that we go back to our roots to look at Ayn Rand’s vision, her writings, to see what our girding, under-grounding [sic] principles are."

Seniors in Florida are already worrying about Medicare, Ryan's voucher program, and the inevitable rise of medical coverage that will need to be paid for by seniors.

••• The Miami Herald:

...Ryan, a Wisconsin congressman, is the architect of the Ryan budget plan that makes big changes to Medicare and Medicaid and could allow for some privatization of Social Security. And that’s widely seen as a politically risky stance in Florida, a must-win state for Republicans. 

Ryan might have another Florida problem: He once opposed the U.S. embargo on Cuba, a now-reversed stance that concerns some in Miami-Dade’s exile community, which is overwhelmingly Republican and had hoped that one of its own, Sen. Marco Rubio, would have been picked as Romney’s running mate. The county’s elderly Cuban population also relies heavily on government assistance, particularly Medicare.

Polls indicate that voters over 50 years old — who make up more than half the Florida electorate — are wary of changes to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, which together pump about $96 billion yearly into the hands of the elderly, the infirm and the hospitals, doctors and other providers who give them care.....


....On top of the debate about entitlement reform, Democrats have potent ammunition to paint Romney-Ryan as out of step with Hispanics and swing voters.

Ryan is a hard-liner on immigration, who has used the inflammatory term "anchor babies." He supports making abortions illegal in cases of rape and incest....

....Florida's 29 electoral votes seem like a tougher reach for Romney today than two days ago.

***This just in.......The OrlandoSentinel is reporting that----
Although Mitt Romney was supposed to visit Orlando today, the campaign announced late Sunday that the presumed Republican presidential nominee was too exhausted to make the trip.....

How old is Romney?  If campaigning is hard, how would he react to long days in the White House.

•••• Bob Cesca reminded us of a time when Paul Ryan mocked an elderly man that spoke out at one of his town meetings: (YouTube)

That wasn't very nice of Paul Ryan.  That man is someone's spouse, grandparent, loved one, and friend.  Paul Ryan's treatment and mockery of this man reveals something about how Paul Ryan sees people, especially those that are older and poorer than he is.

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