Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Voting in Ohio: Is another disaster ahead?

• Republican Josh Mandel appears to be getting lots of support from the right wing Freedomworks, the Club for Growth, and the Senate Conservatives Fund. A quick search at the  FEC (Federal Elections Commission) and the independent expenditure contributions shows that these groups that want to get rid of Social Security, Medicare, pay equity, etc., are giving tens of thousands of dollars to Josh Mandel. Doesn't that make you suspicious? Outside groups are propping up Josh Mandel by paying for his staff, travel, yard signs, palm cards, door hangers, lists, and posters.  Meanwhile, Ohio voters don't appear to be interested in putting Ohio's always absent Treasurer into another elected office.

Here is what Freedomworks posted when the Paycheck Fairness Act was blocked by Senate Republicans:

...The Paycheck Fairness Act tries to solve a problem that largely doesn’t even exist....

.....President Obama recently released a press release claiming that he will continue to fight for “equal pay for equal work.” 

Freedomworks is against equal pay for women, but they support Josh Mandel.

On Medicare, Social Security, and Entitlements, Freedomworks complains about the costs and wants privatization. Freedomworks would like retirees to invest in the Stock Market so that they could lose all their money when the market fails like it did in 2008.  Don't worry.  Josh Mandel is getting the support of the far right Freedomworks to destroy Social Security, Medicare, Entitlement programs, and get rid of public schools. 

What has Josh Mandel promised these far right groups to get their support?  Why are the voters in Ohio not supporting his campaign? 

Sen. Sherrod Brown works for all Ohioans and has helped pass legislation that makes things better for our veterans, the unemployed, the elderly, women, college students, working families, the middle class, and public schools.

•  The Ohio Republicans are trying to make it as difficult as possible for voters this election. With less polling places, Kasich, Bob Bennett, Jon Husted, and Mitt Romney are hoping that you'll refuse to wait in line and not vote.


....Deputy Director Steve Harsman said after the 2008 Presidential election, they decided to reduce the number of polling locations in Montgomery County from 355 to 176. Closing the locations saved the county over $200,000 dollars a year.... 

....However, not everyone sees fewer polling places as a good thing. The League of Women Voter's has already expressed concern.

"It could be chaos and voter suppression," said Vivienne Himmell with the League of Women Voters. "Because, older, disabled, poor or people who dont understand these things very well, could go to their old polling location and it would be closed and they would go home"......

Do you remember what the Republicans did in Ohio in 2004? From YouTube and

It appears that the Republicans are planning to do it again.  Here is what you can do:
 1.) vote early.
 2.) volunteer to work on election day as a poll worker. Ohio Sec. of State poll worker app.
 3.) volunteer to work in one of the Obama neighborhood volunteer centers.
 4.) call friends, neighbors and remind them to vote.
 5.) if you see something unusual on election day, partisan pamphlets in polling area, voters being challenged, bullying, long lines, broken machines, call the Democratic Party and TV news.