Friday, August 17, 2012

Want to lose 5 million more jobs?

*  Republicans may see Paul Ryan as some budget guru. Voters should be warned that if Paul Ryan's budget plan is adopted in a Republican administration, it could result in 5 million lost jobs, and more economic decline. 

DailyKos has the details:

Back in March when Paul Ryan was merely auditioning for the vice presidency, Ethan Pollack at the Economic Policy Institute tried to measure how big a crater the congressman's budget proposal would dig in the labor market. 

His analysis showed that implementing Ryan's monstrosity would not only flatten very modest job creation—a monthly average in the past six months of 130,000 new jobs—it would obliterate millions of existing jobs. If nothing else changed, and Ryan's plan was on the books, by 2014, the official unemployment rate that is now at a stubbornly high 8.3 percent would rise to 13 percent, nearly three points above the depths of the Great Recession. And we already know how much that official rate undercounts the ranks of the jobless.....

....Add in Ryan's proposed cuts in Medicaid and we're talking another 862,000 lost jobs. That's a total of almost 5 million jobs lost. In two years.....

How awful!  Face it.  The Republicans cannot govern.  Look at the disaster created by George W. Bush.  People lost their financial security, and many people lost their lives in Bush's Iraq war that was based on a lie.  On the day that President Obama was inaugurated, Sen. Mitch McConnell and other GOP leaders got together to plan to block all Obama's legislation, and make it as difficult for the country to succeed.  Even John Boehner, Eric Cantor, and the rest of the Tea Party Republicans have failed to meet the needs of the American people because their agenda was designed to create havoc.

It is time vote out the far right obstructionists in the Senate and the House.  We need to get some work done and get people back to work.  Giving more tax cuts to the rich won't do it. The only way to accomplish new job creation and get the country moving again would be to throw out the far right, self-centered, Republicans.

* The fact that Romney and Ryan want to "reform" Medicare by giving the elderly vouchers just makes me positively sick.  My Mom passed away last year.  There is no way that she could have survived on the voucher program being proposed by Romney and Ryan.  Romney and Ryan obviously have little if any experience in dealing with illness, medicines, doctors, hospitalizations, and emergency room visits.  They also lack compassion.