Thursday, August 09, 2012


* Are you looking for a sign that Republican Josh Mandel's campaign is failing and losing support from voters and the right wing?  The Washington Times has Mandel's face and name on the front page of their paper.  Unfortunately, for Mandel, he is referred to as "John" Mandel under his picture.(h/t JonsMandel) It looks like the Washington Times doesn't even care if they are right about the "golden boy" in the Tea Party Republicans because they are losing interest in him.

Josh Mandel is against pay equity for women, against reproductive freedom for women, against supporting public education, against requiring corporations to clean up their messes, and for more tax cuts for the rich.  It is no wonder Ohio voters are running away from Mandel.

More evidence is surfacing about the Mandel campaign's dwindling support with a recent statement from the FreedomWorks Ohio, David Zupan.  With Mandel being propped up by outside sources, like FreedomWorks, it is no wonder that ugly behavior is showing.
Plunderbund has posted the video of Zupan raising his middle finger and saying,.....
Go see it for yourself at Plunderbund


*  Mitt Romney apparently is unwilling and unable to address the issues that are important to women.  Romney has said that his wife, Ann, will be able to speak to women about certain topics. Obviously, Romney believes that speaking to women requires knowledge of some foreign language.  The reality of it is that Romney sees women as second class citizens, uninterested in politics, attached to the kitchen, and children. Mitt Romney is stuck in the 1950's.

Romney and the entire Republican Party are not interested in discussing women's reproductive health.  As Romney has promised to get rid of Planned Parenthood, end federal college loans, and cut aid to public education, he continues to lose any support he might have had from women.

*  As an elder, and higher ranking member of the Mormon Church, is it possible that Sen. Harry Reid knows more about Mitt Romney's finances?  Some pundits on the right have attacked Sen. Reid's recent statements about Romney's taxes, but they do not have the access to information that Reid would have.  When Romney says that he has paid plenty of taxes, do you notice that he doesn't say that he paid plenty of federal income taxes?

Chances are that Romney won't release his federal income tax information before the election. Add that to the fact that the financial data posted on Romney's campaign site is only what they want us to know and those statements are not his federal income tax returns.  What is he hiding?