Thursday, August 16, 2012

Romney-Ryan: Vouchers to Veterans Too?

  Mitt Romney is the whiniest presidential candidate that I can remember in my lifetime, and I'm 61 years old!  Romney is trying to paint President Obama as a dangerous, angry Black man. Why?  President Obama has not demonstrated any anger in all the time that he has been President.  Romney would rather make up stuff than discuss the facts
that he ---------
(1) won't let us see his tax returns, especially his secret money in overseas accounts,

(2) the Romney-Ryan plan to dismantle Medicare and hand out vouchers to seniors. Seniors have paid into the program.  Why are Romney and Ryan taking this money to fund the tax cuts for millionaires???  
(3)  the Romney-Ryan plan would cut veterans programs, special education, Head Start, Title 1 programs, Pell grants, highway funds, etc.

(4) Paul Ryan wants to limit your access to some forms of birth control pills,

(5) Paul Ryan is against abortion, even if the woman was raped or was a victim of incest. If a woman wants an abortion, Paul Ryan believes a woman should be forced to have a ten inch transvaginal ultrasound wand pushed into her uterus.

(6) Romney has even proposed giving vouchers to veterans, and privatizing their care.

Do you see anything remotely good in the Romney-Ryan plans?
  Ohio Secretary of State, Jon Husted, a Republican, who originally wanted to let Republican-voting counties have extended weekend voting hours, has a new idea on how to limit voting. 


Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted is setting uniform hours for early voting statewide for the first time.

The Republican elections chief said today he'll direct election boards to remain open until 7 p.m. on weekdays for most of the two weeks leading up to the election. But he ruled against Saturday hours.

The decision extends hours for some election boards but means others that intended to be open on Saturdays in October won't be able to do so. The move comes as Democrats and civil rights groups pressured Husted to broaden access to the polls.....

Husted originally wanted to let only "active duty military" vote early on weekends, but I'd guess that most of those "active duty military" members are in Afghanistan or on a base out of state.  Why do Republicans want to limit, thwart, and block your right to vote???

*  What is all this baloney that says that Gov. John Kasich's approval is going up? These must be uninformed voters who are unaware of the damage being done through fracking, money being given to failing charter schools, and lack of support for the poor and disabled.   When all our water is gone or polluted, then we can blame Kasich.