Monday, June 04, 2012

Josh Mandel- Out of the State Again!

Here is a statement that truly describes Republican Josh Mandel.

While Sherrod Brown is fighting today to prevent interest rates for student loans from doubling, Josh Mandel's is...

Josh Mandel is out of Ohio, again!  This time Mandel is attending parties for his own campaign in Washington, DC. 

••••  Why won't Mitt Romney talk about his tenure as Governor of Massachusetts?  
Here is the short answer:  It was terrible.

*  Here are 3 facts from Think Progress about Mitt Romney:

1. As head of the investment company Bain Capital, Mitt Romney laid off thousands of workers.
[CBS News,  01/28/2008]
2. Mitt Romney's advice on the foreclosure crisis: "Don't try and stop the foreclosure process."
[Mother Jones,  10/18/2011]
3. The former Bain Capital managing director said of Mitt Romney's tenure: "We had a scheme where the rich got richer."
[Los Angeles Times,  12/16/2007]
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