Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Watch What Happens

* Now that Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel has returned to Ohio, people are not so sure that he has actually returned to his office.  According to the Springfield News, Josh Mandel was campaigning at another pro-Republican business, K.K. Tool.

Springfield News:

....Mandel was invited by Clark County Commission candidate Kyle Koehler, whose father started the tool and die business in 1972. Five of Koehler’s six siblings also work at the company.
“We feel that he’s supporting what we do, as far as small business, in terms of regulations,” said Koehler, also a Republican....

Kyle Koehler also spoke against President Obama's health care plan, as noted on the Mitt Romney web page.   When will Josh Mandel have the courage to speak to regular working men and women?  As long as Mandel only talks with rich business owners, and Koch friendly lobbyists, he will continue to cater to their wants and needs.  So far, Josh Mandel has not addressed the people of Ohio, only businesses.

Republican candidate Josh Mandel has another big fundraising event on June 18th out of state. Mandel is doing a fine job neglecting his duties as Ohio Treasurer!

* Teach for America is getting ready for their big Ohio debut. 

Dayton Daily News:

More than 30 Teach for America corps members started studying in Atlanta this week, days after visiting the Dayton region as part of their “induction” into the local educational landscape.....

....The more than 30 members that visited last week will serve in either Dayton, Cincinnati or Covington, Ky., as part of TFA’s three-year commitment to place 90 teachers in the region....

.....Critics of TFA cite the lack of a traditional four-year education degree for corps members, but it was noted that the members are provided with instructional coaches and online resources, are part of regional learning teams led by experienced teachers, and often take part in certification and master’s programs through university partnerships....

The article goes on and explains that TFA participants will be teaching in three charter schools, including Dayton Early College Academy.  Back in the olden days when I started teaching in public schools, I did not have class sizes of under 15, as they do at DECA.  Why aren't they sending these TFA candidates into public high schools or middle schools in the inner city? (I have a few schools I'd like to suggest as first assignments for these TFA candidates, and they are not cushy, charter or private schools.)

It seems to me that Kasich and his charter school cronies are trying to shove this program down the throats of citizens, even though these TFA candidates are not facing the real rigors of teaching.  Keep in mind that you cannot measure what happens in a charter school that has selective admissions and small class sizes against a typical, over crowded, open enrollment, public school.

*****  Republican Gov. John Kasich was patting himself on the back yesterday for the legislation that adds some restrictions to ownership of exotic animals.  However, the law is so watered down that a third grader could have written stricter rules.  If Kasich had not allowed Gov. Strickland's order to expire, all those exotic animals that died last year would be alive today.