Friday, June 22, 2012

A Smear Campaign? You betcha!

Republican Josh Mandel, Ohio Treasurer and world traveler (U.S. + Bahamas), has been running a dirty, filthy campaign in which he has been smearing Sen. Sherrod Brown.  Mandel refuses to answer questions about his views on important issues, but has been a repeat offender at the altar of truth.  Here is Mandel's file at Ohio Politifact:

Click on the ruling to see all of Mandel's statements for that ruling.

Many Ohioans have already noticed that Josh Mandel is engaging in dirty politics.  With nothing to offer Ohioans, and without his own substantial legislative experience, Mandel has been throwing mud at his opponent.

The Toledo Blade:

...Mr. Mandel forgot to mention that while Mr. Brown's former wife conceded the divorce proceedings included "unfriendly words," she supports the senator's re-election and sponsored a fund-raiser for him last week. As far back as 20 years ago, she assailed a political opponent who tried to use the divorce case as an issue against Mr. Brown.

The Blade endorsed Mr. Mandel in his successful race for state treasurer two years ago. But we condemned his sleazy campaign ad that used Muslim-bashing and irrelevant references to terrorism to discredit his opponent, incumbent Democrat (and Christian) Kevin Boyce.

It now appears that disgrace was just Mr. Mandel's warm-up act for this year's smear campaign against Senator Brown -- even as the challenger routinely refuses to respond to valid questions about real campaign issues....

When little 90 year old ladies start criticizing Josh Mandel for his ugly campaign, you know that everyone is getting disgusted with his mud-slinging. When women are upset that Mandel is against reproductive freedom and pay equity for women, you become aware that Josh Mandel has made a majority of women in Ohio really very angry.  While Josh Mandel panders to right wing moneybags, he has forgotten to address the needs of the middle class, college students, women, and those on Medicare who don't want vouchers.