Friday, June 08, 2012

Kasich? Jindahl? Christie? Gov. Probe???

If you live in Ohio, you'll probably think this is a joke:  Republican Gov. John Kasich is reportedly a contender to on on the ticket with Mitt Romney.

Chicago SunTimes:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindahl, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and Ohio Gov. John Kasich are among the vice-presidential possibilities flocking to Chicago Friday for the Conservative Political Action Conference......

These are the possible vice presidential nominees for the Republicans??????  Are you kidding me???

1. Chris Christie- His rude, pompous language and actions would make him a huge negative, especially with women voters.

2. Bobby Jindahl- How can we ever forget Jindahl's less than stellar performance on national TV and his participation in exorcism???  The NY Times said: 

A day after Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s widely ripped Howdy Doody-meets-Mister Rogers response to President Obama’s address, Max Blumenthal piled it on with an interesting article on The Daily Beast reiterating some things not widely known about the “Bayou’s boy wonder.”

One of the most interesting facts in the piece, titled “Bobby Jindal’s Secret Past,” was that Jindal said he witnessed, and then haltingly participated in, the exorcism of his very close friend (a woman named Susan) when he was in college..... 

3. Gov. Bob McDonnell (aka Gov. "vaginal probe" McDonnell) is a real candidate for the GOP VP???? I'd bet that many women have a few suggestions for Gov. "vaginal probe" McDonnell!

4. Gov. John Kasich- What few words can I say that would cover it all??????  Here is a short list that will remind you of what Kasich has done to our state: 
  a)  No job growth--- Ohio is still bleeding jobs. (See ODJFS for the latest job losses.)
  b)  Kasich was against the Obama plan to save the American auto industry.
  c)  The staff of the Kasich administration is not diverse, and women are paid far less than males.  Kasich's  appointments to JobsOhio show his lack of diversity with males in huge majorities.
  d) The FBI investigation of the Kasich administration (see Plunderbund).
   e) Kasich calling a police officer "an idiot" at the start of his tenure.
 Etc., etc., etc.................

*****  The Toledo Blade has the latest bizarre stuff from Ohio Republican Josh Mandel, current Ohio Treasurer:

....Mandel called opponents of the oil and natural gas industry "radical environmentalists" during his talk to Cleveland's McDonald Hopkins law firm, the newspaper reports. He said those groups would be pumping significant money into the state to block oil and natural gas exploration.....

Would it be okay with Mandel if they starting drilling and fracking in his backyard.  If Mandel ever lets the press ask him a question, I'd like to see someone ask him if it is okay to give mercury and benzene tainted water to our children????? 

I'm not a "radical environmentalist" but someone that worries about providing clean air, clean water, clean soil, and a healthy environment for our families, and future generations.  Apparently the oil, gas, drilling, mining, and chemical manufacturing groups (see OpenSecrets) are providing big bucks to Mandel so that he can shrill for them. 

In case you didn't know----- Josh Mandel was in Chicago at a fundraiser on May 23, 2012 (see Chicago GOP).  This also involved MAVPac, the group that brought him to Texas and NYC.  Does Josh Mandel ever go to the Treasurer's office to do his job????

>>>>  Why does Republican Joe "the plumber" Wurzelbacher (not really a plumber), pay himself out of his campaign funds???? (see USA Today