Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"....Josh Mandel is no....."

The AkronBeaconJournal has this to say about Republican candidate, Josh Mandel, Ohio's current, but absent, Treasurer:

...In capturing the state treasurer’s office two years ago, Mandel unleashed an ugly ad that played to public fears, suggesting his opponent was a Muslim and linked to terrorists. Mandel has hurled wild accusations against Brown, many deemed “false” or “pants on fire” by Politifact. He then asserted he would keep trading in untruths.

The neglect has extended to his job, failing to attend Board of Deposit meetings, hiring ill-prepared cronies, departing from his intent to serve a full term. He even has eschewed the need to take positions on matters before the Senate. What, voters might deserve to know?...

* Republican candidate, and jet set member, Josh Mandel, has yet to explain what he knows about the FBI investigation of his campaign. The  Workers' Voice has a few questions for Ohio's absent Treasurer, Josh Mandel:

1.) What role did the Mandel campaign have in soliciting the contributions that kicked-off the FBI investigation?

2.) When did Josh Mandel know his campaign was being investigated by the FBI?

3.) Why didn't he return the questionable contributions before that investigation was made public?

There are plenty of more questions we'd all like to ask the globe-trotting Republican, but Josh Mandel refuses to answer questions.  He always seems to find a back door to avoid questions from the press and concerned citizens. 

***  Josh Mandel brags about his time in the Marines.  However, Grumpy Abe knows a lot about another Marine that has never bragged about his experiences in war:

....Now, allow me to go back to another Ohio Marine, Col. John Glenn, a Democrat who landed in the Senate.

In the many years that I reported on his political career, I heard not a word from him about his military life, which included tours as a combat pilot shooting down MIGs. His record as a flying ace  and astronaut could speak for itself without his embellishment.....

.....Glenn, always the modest hero with a liberal voting record that showed his deep concern for average folks.     So I'll  tell you this much:  I knew John Glenn.   Josh Mandel is no John Glenn.

Thank you, Grumpy Abe!

*****  Check out the hilarious website---JoshyShore.

>>>>> What?  More jobs are coming to Toledo because of President Obama's rescue of the American auto industry?????????  The Toledo Blade has the story that predicts over 1,000 more jobs in the auto industry!  See the Toledo Blade for details.

How can anyone forget what Mitt Romney said about the American auto industry???


Thanks for reminding us, Mitt, how you bailed on American companies.