Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mandel Down in Polls?

Given Josh Mandel's recent dust up with a Columbus TV reporter, Mandel's absences from the Treasurer's office, his lies about his Democratic support (4 quasi-Democrats), and his refusal to discuss issues, perhaps the public is getting the message that they don't want Josh Mandel in the Senate.

The Argo Journal has results from the latest Quinnipiac Ohio 2012 Senatorial Survey:
Quinnipiac Ohio 2012 Senate Poll

Sherrod Brown (D) 50%  
Josh Mandel (R) 34% 

Among Men
  Sherrod Brown (D) 49%
  Josh Mandel (R) 37%

Among Women
  Sherrod Brown (D) 50%
  Josh Mandel (R) 31%    

President Obama leads Romney in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, according to Quinnipiac.

If you watch the full interview Mandel did with NBC 4 in Columbus, you'll see Mandel has memorized a script, continues to lie about Sen. Sherrod Brown's voting record, and refuses to talk about his own agenda. When Mandel talks about "WE" in his response, is he referring to himself and the Kochs/JimDemint/anti-women rights groups? Josh Mandel is clearly out of touch and living in La-La land. He just keeps repeating the same lines over, and over again, like a robot controlled by the far right.  Do you really want Josh Mandel controlling your reproductive rights?  Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

>>>>  Guess which other Ohio Republican is down in the polls?  I'll give you some hints:
 1. he dislikes public school teachers.
 2. tried to push SB 5/ Issue 2 and take away rights of Ohio workers.
 3. gives money to corporations for jobs, then those companies leave Ohio anyway.
 4. let a Strickland exotic animal executive order expire, wild animals escaped and killed.
 5. was against President Obama's leadership to save the American auto companies and save jobs.

Gov. John Kasich!!!!! 
PPP Poll has the following numbers for Kasich: Approve = 40%   Disapprove = 48%

Quinnipiac has Kasich's  approval = 40% and his disapproval = 44%.