Thursday, June 14, 2012

President Obama in Ohio Today!!!

President Obama will be in northeastern Ohio today!!!!  Awesome. President Obama will speak at 1:45 pm at Cuyahoga Community College.

>>> Updates:  The President is speaking now.

 President Obama said that the Republican tax cuts to the rich, allowed "...the top 1% to see their incomes increase by 275%...."  OMG!!! 

The President said that in order for Romney and the Republicans to fund their $5 trillion in tax cuts for the rich----

.....the cuts to programs would be deeper than anything that has been done before this.....

.....not one singe independent economic expert has said that Romney's plan would reduce the deficit....

The President said he ....has a different vision---
.....have a strong growing middle class....
.....I see an America with the best educated in the world... high tech....,   ......balance deficit reduction
....ask the wealthiest to pay their fair share.....

He has ......cut taxes for small businesses 18 times....
He said he believes what Abraham Lincoln said:

.....through government we can do together what we cannot do by ourselves.... is not the time to scrimp on education......

....recruit more teachers.......train them to teach math and science.....

.....end subsidies to oil companies....

......the only thing that can break the stalemate (in Washington, DC) is you....

√ If you have insurance with Aetna, you might be interested in this from CREW:

Today, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) sent a letter to Mark T. Bertolini, chairman, CEO, and president of the insurance giant Aetna, asking his company to stop using corporate funds to influence elections.  This request follows an SNL Financial story revealing that Aetna has contributed more than $3.3 million to the American Action Network (AAN) and nearly $4.5 million to the Chamber of Commerce.

AAN is a shadowy 501(c)(4) organization that broke both tax and campaign finance laws in its quest to influence the 2010 elections, and the Chamber is one of the biggest political players. While corporations traditionally pay dues to the Chamber, in 2010 Aetna reported dues of just $100,000 – almost $4.4 million less than Aetna contributed to the Chamber in 2011.  These payments indicate Aetna surreptitiously has spent well over $7 million to influence Americans at the polls.

“Aetna wants to get rid of its political opponents without being held accountable by its shareholders or customers for funding vicious attack ads,” said CREW Executive Director Melanie Sloan. “If Aetna intends to use corporate funds to sway the elections in 2012, Mr. Bertolini should come clean and stop hiding behind AAN’s skirt.”

How disgusting!

There is a big concert scheduled in Florida for June 26th:

Te espero en mi concierto especial en Miami el 26 de Junio para apoyar al Presidente Obama. Para comprar boletos visita
Join me for my special concert in Miami on June 26 supporting President Barack Obama. To buy tickets go to

>>  Did you know that President Barack Obama has created more jobs in his few years in office than former President George W. Bush created in 8 years?

>>>> Mitt Romney will be in Cincinnati, visiting a business owner that has contributed $7500 to one of George W. Bush's favorite Congressmen, Steve Chabot (see Open Secrets). I wonder if Romney will arrive with one of his dressage horses on the top of his car, as Stephen Colbert suggested last night. (See Opposing Views for pic.)


>>>>  There is a new ad in Ohio featuring washed up, right winger, Pat Boone.  I don't take any advice from him, let alone an endorsement.  With news that Pat Boone is teaming up with Karl Rove to run ads against Ohio's Sherrod Brown, I'm confused about why they'd do such a thing.  Josh Mandel has no experience, has never written legislation, is against teachers, firefighters, police officers, pay equity for women, Social Security, Medicare, public schools, health care for the poor, lower interest rates for college loans, reproductive freedom for women, equal rights for gays, etc.  Why would anyone support right winger, Josh Mandel?