Saturday, June 09, 2012

Note this......

•  Ouch!  This headline at Examiner needs to be corrected:
"ODOT, OSU opt for private partners to offset decline in pubic funding"

•  There appears to be a lot of controversy surrounding the privatization of parking at Ohio State.  The faculty and students do not seem to be happy with an Australian company getting control.  See the Lantern for more details. 

•  Why do the Republicans refuse to pass the President's infrastructure bill that would create 100,000 + jobs?  Are Republicans blocking the legislation just to make President Obama look bad?  People are out of work and the Republicans refuse to pass his jobs bills.

•  Republican Josh Mandel has spent more time out of the Treasurer's office than in it--- yet he still gets paid while he campaigns.  We should all have jobs like that!  I don't like the plans that Josh Mandel and the Republicans have that would cut Social Security to fund tax cuts for the rich.  Where do these Republicans come up with these stupid ideas that punish the elderly, the poor, and school children?  Are Republicans so greedy that they'd run over anyone just for more tax cuts????

I can't wait for Sen. Sherrod Brown to debate Josh Mandel.  Mandel will probably refuse to answer questions and just try to attack Sen. Brown.  I did find this item from the Buckeye State Blog from 2006 concerning Mandel's refusal to do an interview back then:

.....Josh then offered to do the interview if he could approve the questions. That, of course, was out of the question....

Amazing.  Josh Mandel is still running away from answering questions.