Monday, June 18, 2012

Will Kasich sell our drinking water????

Do right wingers outside of Ohio want Republican Josh Mandel as a Senator, more than the people of Ohio?  According to a report in Politico, "Josh Mandel kept afloat by outside cash."  That is a very frightening thought.  Those outside of Ohio, special interest groups, right wing PACs, powerful anti-worker groups, obsessive anti-women's rights groups, etc., are supporting Josh Mandel.  Do these outside groups see Josh Mandel as malleable, just as they view Romney?

Josh Mandel looks more and more like an over ambitious candidate with no legislative experience or ideas of his own to present to the public.  Mandel's campaign consists of lying about Sen. Sherrod Brown.  Sen. Brown is a real champion for Ohio's workers and stood up with them against Kasich and SB5.  Sherrod Brown has worked hard to protect the rights of women, our environment, and has worked tirelessly to assist our veterans and military families.  Josh Mandel---not so much.  Josh Mandel is working for corporations and himself.  Why else would he spend so much time out of his elected office visiting and pandering to the businesses of the people that contributed to keep SB 5?

••• Republican Vice Presidential prospect, Marco Rubio, is a little to far to the right for many Hispanics and Latinos.  Here is what USA Today has about Rubio's political moves:

...On some key policies, Rubio is at odds with most Latinos. He speaks favorably of a tough Arizona immigration law. He defends a Florida purge of voter rolls that has disproportionately affected Hispanics.....

Rubio has presented an ever changing  series of stories about his family's own immigration, his religious preferences, and his votes against pay equity.

>>>  Ohioans are getting very angry about the backroom agreements that Gov. John Kasich has devised concerning fracking. A demonstration against fracking was able to draw thousands of participants. (See 10TV.)

Speaking of fracking----- It appears that the state of Ohio, under the leadership of John Kasich, might begin selling water from state lakes, reservoirs, rivers, and streams to the companies doing the fracking.  There are opponents to this stupid idea, but of course the Republicans cannot hear them.  The loss of water for drinking and public recreation could cause real problems to citizens. See the Dispatch for more.