Monday, June 04, 2012

People are Noticing

••••  People are noticing the amount of corruption scandals in Ohio!  See Truth Out for details.

>>> How many jobs has John Kasich created?  Apparently, he hasn't done much in the area of new jobs.  A quick look at the long list of Warn Notices at ODJFS (Ohio Dept. of Jobs and Family Services) proves that Kasich has contributed to more job losses.  All the hoopla about money going for companies for job creation has only produced more job losses. 

>>>The campaign of Republican Josh Mandel continues pumping out the lies, misrepresentations, and bogus claims about the work and reputation of Sen. Sherrod Brown, Ohio Democrat.  Josh Mandel's claims have been debunked by Fact Check, PolitiFact Ohio, WKYC, Toledo Blade, and other media outlets.  Unfortunately, the Josh Mandel campaign doesn't seem embarrassed that their ads have been tagged as untrue and gross fabrications.

FactCheck said Mandel's ad was "deceptive" and  points out the truth, including--

...The ad claims that Brown “gave huge bonuses to executives.” That’s not true. Brown actually voted to ban bonuses to top executives at companies that received bank bailout funds, but that prohibition was removed in House-Senate negotiations before the final stimulus bill became law.

The ad also claims that Brown “sent billions of our tax dollars to foreign countries.” That’s not right, either.....

The lies from the Mandel campaign are disgusting and sad.  It just shows that Josh Mandel has no experience, and is poorly suited for higher office.

Politifact has called claims by Josh Mandel as:  "Mostly False," "False," and "Pants on Fire" on his statements.
Anyone who really knows Sen. Sherrod Brown is aware of his work on behalf of workers, teachers, police, firefighters, mine workers, farmers, college students, and the elderly.

With the continuing scandals surrounding the campaign of Josh Mandel, how can anyone support his candidacy?  If Mandel is lying to the public in his ads, how can we be sure that he is telling the truth about anything???

Ohio University College Republicans page on Facebook has exactly 7 "Likes" for the "OU Students for Mitt Romney". Wow!  7