Monday, May 14, 2012

Republicans Target Young Voters

••••  I saw a clip of Mitt Romney speaking at the right wing Liberty University.  I have two questions:  (1) Was Romney using a teleprompter?  (2) How many women were on that stage in front of the graduates?  I counted one.

••••  With the scandal surrounding the latest problems at JP Morgan Chase, why does Republican Rep. Steve Stivers continue to fight against safety regulations for consumers????  Steve Stivers has been chipping away at various parts of Dodd-Frank and other bank regulations.  Does Steve Stivers believe that banks should be allowed to gamble with your hard earned money????

•••  If you are interested in the type of people that Republican Josh Mandel is courting, all you need to do is see where he visits and campaigns.  Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel has spent an incredible amount of time away from his office in Columbus to campaign.

An announcement about a campaign stop by Josh Mandel in April 2012 by  912 Project (Medina, Ohio) Meetup,  has this bit of information about the organization:

912 Project (Medina, OH):
...We're about:
Since we are known by the company we keep, is it safe to assume that Josh Mandel supports all these same issues??????  Does Josh Mandel know that a Senator supports the Constitution?  
>>>>>>  WARNING!!!!  The Republicans want young voters!!!!

President Barack Obama counted on the support of younger voters four years ago. Now, a new Republican-leaning "super" political committee wants to bring them to the GOP's side.

Crossroads Generation, a new super PAC formed with the help of a handful of established GOP groups, is tapping into the economic frustrations of under-30 voters facing dim job prospects, crippling student loans or the prospect of having to move back home with their parents.

Starting today, the PAC is launching a $50,000 social media ad campaign targeting younger voters in eight swing states, including Ohio and Virginia. Their ultimate goal: woo younger Americans to the Republican side, including some who supported Obama in 2008.....
According to the Dispatch, this Crossroads Generation group will use College Republicans to recruit young people to support Republican candidates. Seriously.  Since Ohio State and college campuses across the state have some of the largest College Democrats in the country, I'd say that most College Republican groups will have a hard time recruiting young people to their anti-gay, anti-women's rights, anti-reproductive freedom, anti-fair pay, anti-Social Security and Medicare for Grandma, anti-low interest student loans, anti-Pell grants, anti-immigrants agenda that Republicans promote.  Who'd want to join a group that supports corporations over people, and is anti-environment?????