Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hometown TV Station Slams Josh Mandel Ad

Even Cleveland TV station, WKYC, notes Josh Mandel's recent political ad is far from the truth.

(Note:  In July 2011, Plunderbund had a post about the Ohio credit rating.  Now we see Kasich and Mandel taking credit for something they didn't do.)

Josh Mandel had previous problems with false statements in his last campaign for Ohio Treasurer.  Politifact had this on Mandel's ad in 2010:

In perhaps the most controversial political ad of this election season in Ohio, Republican treasurer candidate Josh Mandel mixes religious terms into an attack on opponent Kevin Boyce’s integrity.....

......The general principle of Mandel’s explanation – that Boyce should be held accountable for his deputy’s actions – is an acceptable standard against which to judge elected officials. But the ad plays loose with the facts to identify Boyce with a religion he doesn’t practice.

We find the statement False.

Josh Mandel's ad was despicable. You'd think that he would have cleaned up his act.  While Mandel continues to throw mud through every campaign, it is upsetting that Josh Mandel is clueless as to how much money is in the state pension funds.  Clueless.  This You Tube video shows how his lack of attention to his job has made him uninformed about those funds that he manages:  Josh Mandel's Biggest Flub