Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mandel Plan: Pro-Business, Anti-Employees

While Josh Mandel takes a grand tour of Ohio to collect campaign money from business owners, Ohio's working men and women are wondering how he gets paid when he is clearly not at work!

Josh Mandel's jobs plan is a joke. I've read it and I was quite surprised at the frequency of certain words in the document.  Josh Mandel's "jobs" plan is not for people, but for businesses and business owners. Here are the number of times certain words are found within Josh Mandel's "jobs" plan:

worker: 1                women: 0            paycheck: 0          business/businesses: 19 

safety: 1         tax/taxes:  39        benefits: 0                   regulation/regulations: 18

 "...reduce capital gains and corporate taxes...": 1


Mandel also shows his anti-union view by speaking poorly of "union organizers" in this plan.

Any person reading Mandel's "jobs" document would realize that the only jobs Josh Mandel wants to create are jobs for business owners.  The entire plan is pro-business, and anti-worker.

Mandel's current "jobs tour" is a ruse.  He is speaking with business owners and covering 23-23 counties to get free newspaper publicity.  Meanwhile, his inexperienced, unqualified, buddies, friends, lobbyist relatives, and frat friends are protecting billions of dollars.  That is insane!