Sunday, May 20, 2012

Martin Sheen and John Glenn??? Wow!

Sen. Sherrod Brown talked about his bill, Bring Jobs Home Act, which aims to close loopholes that some businesses got when they moved jobs overseas.  Sen. Sherrod Brown's legislation is described in the Mount Vernon News.

Actor Martin Sheen, will join American hero, John Glenn, in a special reception on May 31st. Visit Sen. Sherrod Brown's Facebook page for information.

>>>>>  A letter to the editor of the Cleveland Plain Dealer questions Josh Mandel's candidacy and trip out of the country for a fundraiser:

...Three months after being elected treasurer of the state of Ohio, Mandel began raising dollars for his Senate campaign. His recent fundraising foray took him to the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas to raise money from payday lenders. 

In 2008, when Mandel served as a state lawmaker, it was decided to cap payday lending interest rates. The lenders soon found loopholes. The state House voted to eliminate the loopholes; Mandel voted to keep them. 

All of these shenanigans lead me to ask, "Is it legal to raise campaign funds outside of the United States, or have some loopholes been found to legitimize Mandel's latest fundraising caper?" 

I'd like to have an answer to that question too.  Is it legal to raise campaign money from outside the country????  Will the FEC rule on it?

Josh Mandel reminds me of the employee that gets hired and then immediately starts looking for his next job.  You know the type. They spend their time looking out for themselves, without investing their time, energy, and focus into their present position.