Saturday, May 26, 2012

Josh Mandel's Lack of Interest in His Job and Your Life

Just before noon on Friday, May 25th, I saw Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel being dropped off outside Latitude 41 Restaurant (50 N. 3rd Street Columbus) with someone else.  I thought it was kind of odd that he was being driven to a restaurant that was just a short walk from his office. Mandel's office is located in Rhodes Tower, 30 East Broad Street, in downtown Columbus.  Then I realized that Ohio's roaming Treasurer, and Republican candidate for Senate, could have been coming from somewhere else other than his office.  Was Mandel just rolling in from his shindig on Thursday night at Mon Ami Restaurant in Port Clinton?

Why did it take the Josh Mandel campaign months to return that tainted campaign money?  Did the Mandel campaign ever return that donation from that Nazi re-enactor?  If I were a candidate, I would not want money from anyone that honored and idolized the Nazis.

FYI:  To those Tweeters that keep repeating the same lines "Mandel endorsed by Ohio right to life" and "Mandel endorsed by Chamber of Commerce":  We know that those groups have endorsed Josh Mandel.  We're not impressed.  Josh Mandel continues to demonstrate his lack of interest in the middle class, public schools, the rights of women, equality for everyone, fair pay, the re-birth of the American auto industry, and keeping our air and water free of mercury and other pollutants. We cannot forget that Josh Mandel supported SB 5 (Issue 2), and voiced support for the Ohio "heartbeat bill" when it was discussed in the General Assembly.

Josh Mandel is so wrong for Ohio.