Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Mandel Controversies Keep Piling Up

Republican Josh Mandel's campaign for the Senate has had a lot of controversy and it just keeps piling up everyday. With all these problems, Ohioans are wondering if Mandel can even handle his current job, let alone run for another office.

1. Josh Mandel started running for his next office just 87 days after he was sworn in as Treasurer. 

2.  Mandel was accused of cronyism because he hired inexperienced, unqualified friends, school buddies, and frat friends as staff, and somehow is unable (or unwilling) to produce the resumes of 34 of those employees that have been part of a public records request.

3.  Josh Mandel has made over 30+ campaign fundraising trips to Hawaii, Las Vegas, California, New York, Florida, Texas, Kentucky, Utah, the Bahamas, etc.  As a result of Mandel's out of state fundraising, he has collected a majority of his contributions from outside of Ohio, according to Open Secrets.

4.  Josh Mandel has missed meetings of the Board of Deposits----more than any other previous Ohio Treasurer.

5.  Now the campaigns of Josh Mandel and Republican Rep. Jim Renacci are being investigated concerning some questionable campaign funds.

6.  Josh Mandel was nearly six months late filing his personal financial disclosure that is required for his Senate candidacy.

••••  And the latest controversy involving Josh Mandel........
7. State employees, teachers, firefighters, police officers, and state nurses will be shocked to know that Josh Mandel doesn't even know how much in pension funds he is responsible for protecting.


....Democrats are pointing to a question a Dayton Daily News reporter asked Mandel at a press conference earlier this month about his position on a series of pension reform bills pending in the state Legislature. Mandel, who serves as the custodian of the pension funds, indicated that he had read the bills but that his office would not be offering a formal opinion to the Legislature. The bills passed last week. 

"I will be watching it closely as the custodian of the $100 billion in assets," Mandel said in the exchange, which was caught on video

The reporter quickly told Mandel that the pension fund had $165 billion in assets. Mandel smiled in the video and backed away from the podium....


If Josh Mandel spent more time in his office doing his job instead of galavanting all over the country, and the state to collect campaign funds, he might know that he is the "custodian" of $165 billion pension funds