Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ask Kasich about his failed jobs creation

Republican Gov. John Kasich, a former Vice President at Lehman Brothers, has really been failing at keeping jobs in Ohio.  It seems that the only companies that have gotten tax deals and incentives to stay in the state were those on a friendly basis with Kasich and the GOP.  Meanwhile, the job losses keep piling up in Ohio. The ODJFS (Ohio Dept. of Jobs and Family Services) has posted the latest Warn Notices:

5/18/2012  BioScrip, Inc  Columbus (Franklin)  189 06/25/2012

05/14/2012  Kerry Flavor Systems US, LLC  Cincinnati (Hamilton) 141

05/11/2012  SUPER VALU Ohio Valley Distriubution Center  *  Xenia (Greene)  123 Beginning 7/8/2012 through 9/30/2012

05/11/2012  Lipari Foods (I&K Distributors/Countryside Foods)  Delphos (Allen)  57 Beginning 7/1/2012

05/09/2012  MTD  Valley City (Medina)

05/09/2012  Anda Inc. (Watson   Pharmaceuticals, Inc.)  Groveport (Franklin)
Between 07/05/2012 & 12/31/2012

05/02/2012  SFI of Ohio, LLC  New Boston (Scioto)
Between 07/03/2012 & 08/04/2012

(* Spelling errors on the part of the ODJFS)

I'm don't think that middle class people have gotten any good things out of the Kasich administration when you look at these job losses.  With over four thousand jobs just listed for 2012 on the ODJFS page, you wonder what other lost jobs have not been reported. While Kasich flies around the state in taxpayer owned planes as though he is still at Lehman Brothers, Ohioans are left to pick up the pieces of his failed economic policies. 

What does Mitt Romney promise?  Romney has promised tax cuts for "job creators" even though the Bush tax cuts have already provided cuts and they still did not create jobs.  The "job creators" are just sitting on their money doing nothing.

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