Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Make A Note

•••••  UPDATE!!!!!
      •••  Tomorrow---   Thursday, May 31st, 10am, Grove City, Ohio:

      Sen. Sherrod Brown and actor/activist Martin Sheen will be at the Mid-Ohio Foodbank, 3960 Brookham Drive, Grove City, Ohio.  Mr. Sheen is an Ohio native and has dedicated his life to many civil rights causes.  Sen. Brown and Mr. Sheen will be helping the volunteers pack food starting at 10am.

>>>  A big announcement has been made from the campaign of Sen. Sherrod Brown.


Lucas County Auditor Anita López will co-chair an effort to mobilize the Latino community in support of the re-election effort of U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio). The other co-chair of the campaign is Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain).  
The pair will co-lead “Hispanics for Sherrod,” a group that will attempt to not only mobilize support for the incumbent Democratic senator’s race against Republican state treasurer Josh Mandel, but advise the campaign on issues critical to Ohio’s Latino population, and speak across the state about Brown’s work on behalf of the state’s Latino community.
“The Hispanic community has no greater friend than Senator Sherrod Brown,” said Ms. López in a written statement, citing his work on the auto industry bailout, his support of the DREAM Act, and efforts to freeze college tuition rates. “We are proud to have Sherrod represent the Hispanic community and will work from now until November to make sure he is re-elected.”

Sen. Sherrod Brown's long history of helping families, workers, teachers, our men and women in police and fire departments, veterans, college students, and his strong support of the rights of women, should encourage every voter to work to support him in the voting booth.

••••  Sen. Sherrod Brown will be in Dayton today. He will be accompanied by Actor/Activist Martin Sheen.  The Senator and Mr. Sheen will be at the Foodbank at 10am. (427 Washington Street, Dayton, OH).  Later, the Senator an Mr. Sheen will be at the Dayton Cultural Center (40 S. Edwin C. Moses Blvd.), at 2pm, today.