Thursday, May 31, 2012

Good Stuff vs. Bad

First the good stuff-----

There was a great gathering today in Columbus to support of the re-election of Sen. Sherrod Brown. Sen. Sherrod Brown was joined by his wife, Connie Schultz, a Pulitzer Prize winning  columnist.  Former Senator, astronaut, pilot, and all around American hero, John Glenn, his wife, Annie, and actor/activist, Martin Sheen, also made appearances and spoke in support of Sherrod Brown.

Before coming to the reception, Sen. Brown and Martin Sheen assisted volunteers at the Mid-Ohio Foodbank, in Grove City.

•••• Here is the bad----
  OMG! Another company is sending jobs out of Ohio---- Bob Evans! Gov. John Kasich gladly gave companies tax incentives and millions of dollars and now they are leaving the state.


...It started back in February with American Greetings. After receiving roughly $93.5 million in aid, and rewarding their CEO with a huge raise, American Greetings announced it would begin laying off Ohioans as part of the “overall strategic focus of the company.”

Diebold was next. Kasich helped organize a package of state and local incentives totaling $100 million for Diebold, including $56 million from the State. And in mid-April we found out Diebold was shipping 200 Ohio jobs to India, and their total workforce in Ohio had already dropped by another 200.

And yesterday we heard Bob Evans is now planning to eliminate over 100 jobs in Ohio, sending them to Texas, after Kasich gave the company $8 Million to move their corporate headquarters a few miles down the road.....

Gov. John Kasich is a genius---in his own mind.  When Kasich worked at Lehman Brothers, he convinced Ohio's pension plans to invest with Lehman.  They lost money when Lehman collapsed.  Now, taxpayers are still losing money.

> Has anyone heard how that FBI investigation of the Kasich administration is going?????