Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Which groups are paying for Kasich?

* More bad economic news for Ohio:  Chiquita Brands International is moving their headquarters to North Carolina, according to the Washington Post. Rubbermaid is closing the massive distribution center it has in Wooster, Ohio (BeaconJournal).

Why didn't Kasich fight for these companies?

Did you know that some well-known groups have been spending huge amounts of money to promote fracking in Ohio.

....Common Cause reports that fracking companies spent $2.8 million in political contributions to Ohio parties and candidates since 2001. Republican Gov. John Kasich tops the list and has received $213,519 in campaign contributions from the industry.

Additional analysis of campaign records by Truthout reveals that wealthy executives of companies connected to the natural gas industry, including billionaires William "Bill" Koch and David Koch of Koch brothers fame, funneled an additional $127,268 in personal donations through a political action committee (PAC) to support Kasich's election in 2010.....

.....he RGA and its Ohio PAC spent $11 million supporting Kasich's 2010 campaign and swooped into Ohio again to defend Senate Bill 5, an anti-collective-bargaining bill championed by Kasich and repealed by Ohio voters on November 8. The RGA set up a front group to hide its finances during the campaign leading up to the referendum on Senate Bill 5. A recent investigation by Truthout revealed that the RGA had raised nearly $5 million from private healthcare, corrections and education firms to support Kasich in 2010 before returning to Ohio in 2011 to protect its investment.....

Information like this makes Kasich even more disgusting.  With money from the Koch Brothers and other fracking proponents, Kasich has been able to be propped up by these big shots.