Friday, November 04, 2011

Know Your Friends

* Do you think that some people should actually spend a little time within the state to learn what is really going on here?  Josh Mandel, Republican, and current Ohio Treasurer, appears to be an uninformed voter. He has spent so much time jetting around from Hawaii, to Las Vegas, Washington, D.C., and visiting every county Republican barbecue as he tries to raise money for a run for the Senate.

Think Progress had a piece about what Mandel "knows" (and I use that word loosely) about SB 5, but first here is Mandel on YouTube:


...In what must come as a surprise to Mandel, Ohio’s teachers, police, firefighters, and even veterans feel slighted — not respected — by this bill. SB5 strips unions of the right to negotiate wages, eliminates pay increases, and completely bans the right to strike. As public officials and unions both note, teachers and safety forces have already made substantial sacrifices — including zero pay raises and paying more for health insurance — to accommodate the tough economy....

Mandel's explanation seems like a bunch of baloney, like the kid who gives a book report, but didn't read the book.  Mandel is hoping to run as the Republican candidate for U.S. Senator, but if this is his level of understanding about an important issue, he should at least try to act and sound like he knows something.

Firefighters, police officers, teachers, nurses, and all public employees, take note: Josh Mandel is clueless about your concerns.

**** Here is another reason to vote NO on Issue 2:  Sarah Palin is for it, according to FoxToledo.

>>> Finally, an article in the News-Messenger indicates that Republican Speaker of the Ohio House, William Batchelder, may try again if SB 5 doesn't go their way.

No on Issue 1. 
No on Issue 2.  
No on Issue 3.