Wednesday, November 02, 2011

No on Issue 2

* Have you voted yet?  Don't forget-----  Vote NO on Issues 1, 2, & 3.

>>>>Wow! A huge crowd of 300 (???) attended a rally in Ravenna, Ohio, to hear Gov. John Kasich promote himself.
(3:31pm: Update on the numbers at the Kasich rally--- Plunderbund reported that other news outlets had rally attendance at even less than 300. noted "...about 200 supporters..."  WYTV counted "...a crowd of about 100..."  Ouch! )


Gov. John Kasich promoted his administration’s successes in the past nine months during a pro-Issue 2 rally in Ravenna Tuesday night.

....The economic development work has saved 25,245 jobs and brought in more than 12,000 new jobs, he said....

Here is the only grain of truth in what Kasich said last night to his huge crowd of 300---

....He acknowledged that unionized state workers already pay for their health care and pensions at the rates required under S.B. 5......

Let me repeat that----

....He acknowledged that unionized state workers already pay for their health care and pensions at the rates required under S.B. 5......

*  Let me review a claim made by Gov. Kasich....

PolitiFact Ohio provided the truth to a claim made by Kasich on September 25, 2011, that he had "...created a net increase of 45,000 jobs." This was rated as by Politifact as "Mostly False."

Every single time Kasich opens his mouth, those job numbers get bigger, and bigger, and bigger.  To really see what is happening to jobs in Ohio, just check the Warn Notices at ODJFSWarn Notices,which are required by federal law, are filed by companies planning layoffs. However, sometimes you must look elsewhere for those closings and layoffs.  For example:


The Elder-Beerman store in the Northwest Plaza shopping center on West Siebenthaler Avenue is scheduled to close early next year, according to The Bon-Ton Stores officials....

....The closings will impact approximately 56 associates at the Dayton site...

Last week, Filene's Basement closed in Columbus, Ohio.  Today, Bloomberg reports:

Syms Corp. (SYMS) and its Filene’s Basement LLC affiliate filed for bankruptcy in Delaware, the third time Filene’s, the century-old clothing chain, has sought protection from creditors....

So far, the layoff numbers have not been posted for the Ohio store.

***  Do you remember Republican Steve Stivers?  Stivers is the former bank lobbyist elected to the U.S. House of Representatives for Ohio's 15th congressional district.  How many jobs has he created?  What has he been focusing on while he is in Congress?  Here is a clue: Today, Stivers has an opinion piece in the right wing newspaper, the Washington Times.  In the article, Stivers talks about---- jobs? NO!  infrastructure reinvestment? NO!
education? NO!  Pell grants? NO!

Stivers writes about changing the Dodd-Frank legislation.  The Dodd-Frank law protects consumers.  Why does Stivers not want to protect consumers?