Tuesday, November 22, 2011

End to Medicare???? Republicans Want It

Do you know why nothing got done in the "super committee" in Congress?  Republicans on the committee tried to end Medicare.  TalkingPointsMemo has the details.

>  Boehner had this to say, according to SFGate:

U.S. House Speaker John Boehner said he is open to discussing an extension of the expiring payroll tax cut with the Obama administration.

"We told the president in September that we stand ready to have an honest and fruitful discussion with him regarding the payroll tax extension, and that invitation stands," the Ohio Republican said in a statement today....

Boehner is full of it.  I don't trust Boehner because his goals include protecting the wealthy and staying in power. As long as Boehner is the Speaker of the House, nothing will get done.  The so-called "jobs" bills passed by the House of Representatives are nothing more than tax cuts for the wealthy, and ending environmental and banking regulations. Ending regulations, especially in the area of banking, will bring us back to the autumn of 2008 when Lehman Brothers and Wall Street collapsed. 

>>>>  Lying Mitt Romney?  Yep. Romney thinks it is okay to lie. 

As you know, the Romney campaign is airing an ad in New Hampshire that plucks Obama’s words out of context in a comically dishonest way. Obama is shown seeming to acknowledge that talking about the economy is a political loser for him, when in reality, he was quoting a John McCain adviser making that claim. The ad is now being widely pilloried as false....

....The Romney camp is explicitly saying it’s totally fair game to take an opponent’s words out of context in a way that completely changes their meaning, simply because the actual words in question did come out of the speaker’s mouth. As many have noted today, the Romney ad’s decontextualizing of Obama’s words is so egregious that it amounts to a lie. Yet here a Romney adviser is claiming that this is fair game, because he said those words.

Today Think Progress released a new video lampooning the Romney ad with footage of Romney himself torn out of context. It shows Romney saying things like “we should just raise everybody’s taxes,” and “there’s nothing unique about the United States.” Obviously Romney was really saying the opposite of those things. But as Think Progress notes, those depictions are “accurate, according to the Romney standard of accuracy.”

Here is that ad put out by Think Progress:

*****  More layoff are coming in Ohio!

1. DaytonDailyNews:
...Ovonic has told state government that it does not know whether the layoffs will be temporary or permanent. It will lay off 77 employees for at least six months beginning in March, an employee of the Springboro company has written state government in a WARN (Worker Adjustment Retraining Notification) notice.....

 2. TheAdvertiser-Tribune:

Come next year, more than 50 employees of Tiffin Developmental Center could be laid off.

Friday morning, TDC employees were told they would be facing layoffs by Feb. 17 - with most cuts coming Jan. 6.

A representative of the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities said Friday the cut would be about 49 employees, but as many as 52 positions could be on the chopping block....

3.  Bizjournals: (h/t dailyjobcuts.com)

Cincinnati Bell Inc.  plans to close its Dayton-area office before year's end, the Dayton Business Journal reports.

The number of employees who will be affected by closing the office on Prestige Place in Miamisburg is unknown, the newspaper reports, but the shuttering is expected as early as December.

Cincinnati Bell (NYSE: CBB) had 174 employees and 74,000 customers in Dayton in 2010, making it the second-largest telecommunications provider for the area, the newspaper reports.....