Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Well done!

* Congratulations to the good people involved in We Are Ohio, and every firefighter, teacher, police officer, nurse, and public employee that worked to repeals SB 5 (Issue 2).  Thank you to Ohio's voters for repealing SB 5. Your hard work to protect the rights of Ohio's middle class was a success.  However, as jubilant that we all are today, there are a few things we must remember:

1. Gov. Kasich is still governor for another three years. He will show his resentment and bitterness until he is out of office.

2. Republicans have no history of supporting labor. No one should believe they ever will. Use this as a teachable moment.  Tell your children what happened, how the good people of Ohio helped you, and explain to them why unions and the middle class are important to our country.

3. Kasich and the Ohio Republicans will consider public employees the thorns in their sides, and they will try a similar tactic like SB 5 again. Speaker of the Ohio House William Batchelder said they'd try again--- in 2012 (see Washington Post).

4. The Republicans, the Koch Brothers, Americans for Prosperity, charter school owners/promoters, corporations, Tea Partiers, and right wingers still consider public employees their enemies. (Keep in mind--- Josh Mandel supported SB 5.  Mitt Romney flip-flopped on it.) Be alert. Stay informed. Read something other than the local newspaper, since they all supported Kasich.

5.  Never surrender your rights to those who wish to profit off of your hard work.  Keep in mind the words of the famous American philosopher, Yogi Berra:

" It ain't over 'til it's over. "

 *   *   *
Note:  Don't worry about Issue 3 losing, because that will be settled by the federal courts.