Friday, November 18, 2011

Jobs in Ohio?

*  Ohio's unemployment rate for October 2011 is now 9.0%, according to a report issued at the ODJFS.  In the previous month, the unemployment rate was 9.1%.

*  In the plan being proposed by Gov. John Kasich to lease/sell the Ohio Turnpike, no mention has been made of whether the state would also sell off/lease the fiber optic or communication lines that run under the turnpike.  Would someone else get that money other than the state? Apparently, the money from those lines is quite high.

* ONNtv has captured some remarks from Gov. Kasich:

"Look, I have a very good relationship with operating engineers. I mean when I'm at these plants, the UAW is there, yesterday it was the United Steelworkers. I mean, I come from a labor background. I'm always willing to listen," said Kasich.....

"I'll meet with any of the labor folks. Frankly they would be surprised how comfortable I am with them.  Because that's where I come from, not from the white collar CEO, but from a background that's blue collar and labor," said Kasich.

Have any of the unions received an invitation from the governor? Kasich's choice of words is odd when he said that unions "....would be surprised how comfortable I am with them..."  Why?  Then again, why would the unions want to meet with him?  He called union members thugs, he disparaged their work, their dedication, and lied repeatedly about their wages and benefits. I'd like to see an open, televised meeting, if he ever issues an invitation to anyone.