Monday, November 28, 2011

Keep Your Eyes on Kasich

We've had a busy, busy week. With Thanksgiving dinner preparation, the holiday meal, the clean up, and shopping, we've had little down time here in central Ohio.  You always know people are spending money when Sawmill Road becomes a parking lot.

* People might not be watching what is going on in the Kasich administration, but you cannot keep your eyes off of that Republican controlled state government.

A story in the Youngstown Vindicator indicates that Gov. John Kasich might indulge in some payback to certain areas of the state.

State Rep. Robert F. Hagan, a Democrat from Youngstown, says he expects Kasich to use the construction budget as a way to punish those communities that didn’t support Senate Bill 5, the controversial collective-bargaining law for public workers that voters overturned this month.....

...Hagan says he remembers when the Ohio House, Ohio Senate and governor each controlled $100 million for community projects and wonders if the governor will just take control of it all this time.

Kasich will argue that there’s no money for construction projects, but that’s because tax breaks to corporations took the money away, Hagan said....

In the article, Hagan described Kasich this way, "....He’s shown vindictiveness...." Exactly.  Kasich is known as a bitter, vindictive person to those he deems his enemies. Those of us that know a little more about Kasich's record are well aware of these characteristics.  Opponents of SB5 and of Kasich's agenda should remember this---- Kasich will consider this part of his agenda (SB5 and anti-collective bargaining legislation) as not being finished.  The guy does not like to lose.  Even though most of us know that he has a big chip on his shoulder, that chip just got bigger.  Unfortunately, we have at least three more years of this anti-worker, anti-public school, pro-corporate agenda.

>>>>  Save the trees!!!!

In his effort to destroy our state parks and environment by knocking down regulations and pushing fracking, it appears that Gov. Kasich has other plans.

The Athens News:

Ohio Gov. John Kasich plans to log our state parks. In this forestry region, he has initially targeted four parks: Lake Hope, Forked Run, Tar Hollow and Scioto Trail. Logging is planned for some two-thirds of the land area of Lake Hope State Park, as well as about half of Forked Run. This is according to the state's own plans for the parks.

The hillside overlooking the entryway to Tar Hollow is going to be logged; it's a done deal. I was told it would not be visible from the road, but looking at the map, it was clear that it will be a clearly visible eyesore.

Lake Hope State Park is popular with Athens-area residents. This wild jewel set amidst Ohio's second-largest state forest features recreational resources that include an extensive mountain-biking trail system. The planned cutting zones there (Zones C and D) are in the mountain-bike trail areas. The trails could be made un-ridable with Kasich's plans.....

More details can be found at The Athens News on Kasich's logging plans.

***  Does anyone know why Andy Teater's name does not show up on the State Treasurer's list of terminated employees?  Teater once worked in the Ohio Dept. of Public Safety but was allegedly terminated in 2010 after an investigation.  He still keeps his job on the Hilliard School Board, and although terminated, he allegedly works as a consultant for some highway contractors.  Why was he terminated from the state? Do you think that the people in Hilliard might want to know?