Friday, November 11, 2011

They Are Protecting the 1%

In honor of Veterans Day, Republican Sen. Jim DeMint voted against a bill that would give a tax break to companies that hired veterans. Ed Schultz just mentioned that there are 900,000 unemployed veterans today.  At least veterans know that DeMint is doing nothing to help them. This vote is just another vote by DeMint in which he has demonstrated his lack of support for our vets.

Votesmart has some of the list of DeMint "NO" votes on veterans issues.  Why does DeMint hate veterans, yet he protects the 1%? 
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>>>>  The Huffington Post had the results of a Hart Research Poll which shows a split in the Ohio Republican Party.  If you have a little time, check out the questions and answers from the poll. Kasich is in big, big, trouble because any support he had is quickly eroding.

* * * Who is getting the blame for the loss of funding for cities and counties?

...The Enquirer’s Steve Kemme and Amanda Seitz reports that Issue 2′s defeat hasn’t induced panic among other local communities that might gained some financial benefits from its passage.

Communities are far more worried about the loss of Ohio’s estate tax revenue in 2013 and the continued reduction of the state-provided Local Government Fund. Both of these cuts were supported by Republican Gov. John Kasich and the GOP-controlled General Assembly, the same ones who offered Senate Bill 5 as an antidote to local governments’ money woes.

Ohio’s $55.8 billion budget, signed by Kasich in July, slashes the Local Government Fund almost in half over the next two years. That fund provided $665 million for local governments this year. The state budget also eliminates the estate tax, 80 percent of which has gone to local governments....

Kasich talked about a fair share, but there was no fair share.  He went after the middle class workers in the state. Kasich and the Ohio Republicans slashed budgets, but they didn't cut their own salaries, and they continue to freely give away tax breaks to corporations.  In an article in the Dispatch on 5/25/2011,  Kasich said he wanted to give banks tax breaks:

John Kasich used to be a banker. Now, Ohio's Republican governor is studying a possible tax cut for the state's financial institutions.

Banks, savings and loans and most other Ohio financial institutions still pay a corporate franchise tax, a 13-mill tax based on net worth. Kasich, a former executive at Lehman Brothers, suggested yesterday that altering the tax could reduce costs for banks and generate more loans.

"I mean, taxing people on the basis of net worth instead of net income is something that's not all that appealing to me," Kasich told about 300 bank executives at the Ohio Bankers' Day Conference at the Crowne Plaza Columbus North....

Isn't that just what we need? With bankers making obscene profits and bonuses, John Kasich wants to reward them by giving them tax breaks!!!!   Kasich supports the 1%.  What about the rest of the people?  Where is his concern for school children, the elderly, the poor, and neighborhoods that lost funding?