Thursday, November 03, 2011

No on Issue 2

*An article in Mother Jones reports that Mary Cheney's group, Alliance for America's Future, has a target: Ohio's teachers. 

* Ted Hart on Channel 4 talked about loopholes in Ohio that cost the state $7 billion/year.  Here are a few examples that were provided by Hart:
-   Customers of NetJets--private ownership deals in private jets...
-   Rahal rule-exempts professional race car owners from paying taxes on sale of race cars...
-   Tax credit for campaign contributions for state candidates...

*  A professor at the University of Toledo had this warning about what SB 5 (Issue 2) could do to higher education.

"Workers in higher education have been particularly singled out," Mark Sherry, an assistant professor of sociology at UT, said during a rally on the steps of the Student Union. "We will lose all of our contracts -- contracts that establish fair standards for the evaluation of our professional, teaching, and service activities. We would lose all of that.

"This will undoubtedly mean nepotism and maybe even discrimination instead of fair assessment of professors," he said. "And by giving all the power to administrators, it will mean bigger classes and a lower quality of education for all students."

If professors lose their rights to speak about class sizes, courses, etc., college students could see a real change to their college educations. Could the governor or some outside group of legislators dictate which professors get hired and those that get fired?

>>> Oh, my. Kasich failed again.
Plunderbund reveals that Kasich doesn't know much about Ohio's sports teams.

***  Former Sen. John Glenn, a former military pilot, and the first man to orbit the Earth, reminds us why to Vote NO on Issue 2.
WeAreOhio: (on YouTube)

Vote NO on Issue 2.

Vote No on Issues 1, 2, and 3.

Has anyone started a petition to get a referendum to recall Kasich???