Sunday, November 13, 2011


Spell check?  The good people over at Plunderbund have found a big mistake on an email sent out from the Ohio Auditor Dave Yost's campaign website on the occasion of Veterans' Day.

Here is the screenshot Plunderbund provided:

As you guessed, they must not be using spell check.  If they had, they would have noticed that "heros" is spelled "heroes" and "Superhoes" is not something I'm familiar with at all. "Superhoes" might actually be "superheroes" considering the fact that the email was sent our to honor veterans.  Whether or not Dave Yost sent this message out himself is immaterial, because the website is his, with his name emblazoned across the top.  Ultimately, he is responsible because he should approve every message that goes out of his site.

****  Republican presidential want to bomb Iran (see

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>>> Now that the Ohio Republicans failed in pushing their SB 5 agenda, do you think that they'll actually spend time listening to people? Don't hold your breath.