Monday, November 14, 2011

Sloppy or Arrogant

>>> What is it about Republican Josh Mandel that just seems so sloppy?  With word that his big database of public employees salaries included inaccuracies and omissions, everything he does seems to be lacking in providing accurate information.  For months, he did not file his pfd (personal financial disclosure), as required by law for federal candidates.  He appeared to know little about SB 5, except to mimic the Republican talking points. Are his failures to follow rules/laws and indication of his sloppiness or his arrogance? Now, there is another bit of information missing from his campaign reports.


Ohio’s ethically challenged Treasurer Josh Mandel has violated FEC law yet again, this time due to hundreds of omissions on his Q3 report. In the “disbursements” section of every FEC report, each individual disbursement has a line where candidates are legally required to fill out the “purpose” of said disbursement. Josh Mandel’s Q3 report reveals that he’s neglected to list the purpose of his disbursement nearly 300 times.
Below is an example of Josh Mandel leaving the legally required “purpose” entry blank. Remember, this happens nearly 300 times in his Q3 report.
While it’s hardly a secret that Josh Mandel sees no problem whatsoever with breaking the law (Watch him do it here, here, here, and here) the Ohio Democratic Party is sensitive to the fact that someone who claims to be in charge of watching the state’s tax dollars may have trouble reading and filling out basic campaign finance documents (Remember his 6 month law breaking refusal to file his PFD?)....

If Josh Mandel wants to be taken seriously as a candidate for U.S. Senate, he needs to
(1)  follow the law in filing his reports,

(2) explain why he wants to privatize social security, medicare, and support Republican Rep. Paul Ryan's Ayn Rand inspired budget,

(3) stop acting like he is running for a middle school student council election and do his due diligence!


***   If you've been to an Ohio State football game this year or watched any television, then you know that we are being bombarded with the brainwashing sponsored by oil/gas/energy concerns.  At the football games, the names of energy companies flash on the horizontal screens at the bottom of "C" deck, and even the cheerleaders throw OSU t-shirts into the stands with the names of energy companies emblazoned on them as a sponsor. 

Local TV stations have been playing ads sponsored by energy companies in which a diverse group of smiling "workers" show how pleased they are to work for a corporation that might be polluting our air, drinking, water, and environment.  How could anyone suspect the corporation they work for of doing anything wrong??? 

With news that Gov. John Kasich is reaping campaign benefits from these energy producers, Ohioans should not be surprised.


....The report also indicated that nearly $750 million was spent nationally by oil and gas producers on lobbying during the same period, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich took in $213,519 in contributions from the oil and gas industry, the most of any Ohio politician, according to the report. Former Gov. Ted Strickland took in $87,450 and Secretary of State Jon Husted, from Kettering, took in $84,750.

Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols was quoted as saying gas drilling is expected to create 200,000 jobs over the next four years but that Kasich also warned oil and gas producers that they will need to adhere to Ohio's environmental rules.

Yeah, right.  Kasich and the Republicans will do all they can to knock down, obliterate, and destroy any regulations that stand in their way.  Republicans are, as you know, allergic to regulations that protect our lives and environment.

***  Hey!  Would someone please stop running those ads featuring birther, Pat Boone?