Monday, November 21, 2011

More Baloney....

Republican Josh Mandel must have a fable factory within his campaign to make up lies, and tall tales. Politifact called Mandel's latest statements about Sen. Sherrod Brown in the PANTS ON FIRE category.


...Mandel specifically focused on reports of distasteful demonstrations that Republicans have sought to make representative of the entire movement.

Brown is "out there egging on a lot of these protesters who are spitting on policemen and going to the bathroom on policemen’s cars at these protests on Wall Street and other places," he said....

....But we didn’t, because no such evidence exists.....

Don't you think that Sen. Sherrod Brown has something else to do?  Politifact found no evidence of Mandel's statements about Sen. Brown.  Once again we see that Josh Mandel is a liar.  Did Josh Mandel attend the Tommy Flannagan school for pathological liars?

***  It appears that Gov. John Kasich hopes that you don't remember that he was against President Obama's auto bailouts.  Now, Kasich just wants to steal the limelight.


Columbus -- Democratic state legislative leaders criticized Gov. John Kasich and Republican GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney for not supporting federal support for automotive companies but trying to take credit for jobs those companies are now creating.

Minority Leader Capri Cafaro, D-Hubbard, and Rep. Matt Szollosi, D-Toledo, said it was President Barack Obama and other Democrats who spearheaded the preservation and advancement of the country's automobile industry -- at a time when Republicans were opposed to the bailout plan.

"Democratic leaders had the foresight to invest in American workers, regardless of the political ramifications" Szollosi said, adding later, "It's easy for the governor to take his taxpayer-funded plane around the state for photo opps."

Kasich is like the guy that shows at the celebration but did none of the work to achieve success.
Here is even more on Kasich....

....Sears Holding Corp. said last month it was looking at possibly relocating to Columbus or Austin, Texas, though it was still talking with Illinois officials about staying put. 

The Columbus Dispatch reports Ohio Gov. John Kasich spoke earlier this week with Sears CEO Louis D'Ambrosio. Kasich said Thursday that the Sears chief described Ohio's pitch as stunning and creative. 

Still, Kasich says he doubts the company will leave the Chicago suburbs.....

Stunning?  Creative?  When one says that something is "stunning," it doesn't always mean something positive. It could mean, according to Merriam-Webster, "causing astonishment or disbelief <stunning news>...."

The size of Kasich's ego is stunning.  It is astonishing that the rest of the population can fit into the state of Ohio.