Monday, August 22, 2011

Treat Others as Equals

*  I found that Plunderbund had a great analysis of John Kasich's latest move----the negotiation table he set up even though he knew ahead of time that no one was going to show.  See Plunderbund for some updates.

*  People around the country are starting to watch what is going on in Ohio.  With Republicans in control of state government, Ohioans have been watching unprecedented attacks on the middle class working people in the state.  The good men and women who are our police, firefighters, teachers, state workers, and nurses, have provided support, protection, their education, and experience to help our communities.  We need each of these people to provide services to all of our neighborhoods.  We depend on them being there.

However, things might be changing in Ohio.  Truthout has noticed the backlash against Gov. John Kasich:

.....With all the momentum on the side of the workers, and with his poll numbers swiftly dropping, Kasich has decided it's time to compromise. “It's really hypocritical of the guy,” Ohio State Representative Mike Foley, D-Cleveland, told me, “He's the one who said 'If you’re not on the bus, we’ll run over you with the bus,' and now he says 'I believe in talking.' Well, he doesn't believe in talking at all, he believes in my way or the highway.”  

.....Rumors are flying that Kasich is being asked for money back by some of his big donors. We weren't able to confirm this, but he is being out-fundraised by the attorney general from his own party, who's already got $1.1 million in the bank for a reelection that is a few years away. (Kasich has $230,000.)

Kasich's poll numbers are abysmal—Public Policy Polling has him with only 36 percent approval, worse than any other governor in the country besides Rick Scott in Florida.....

Isn't that interesting? 

We attended one of the special events this weekend that was sponsored by We Are Ohio.  It was good to get out there and talk to people who share our progressive ideas.

Vote NO on Issue 2.