Thursday, August 25, 2011

How about some truth?

*  Josh Mandel is in hot water and Plunderbund has the story:

Last week Josh Mandel’s office put out a press releasing announcing that Treasurer Mandel had ‘initiated’ a $25 million loan program to help assist Northeast Ohioans impacted by summer storms.....

.....Not only did John Mandel not ‘initiate’ or ‘create’ the Rebuild Ohio program but Kevin Boyce and Richard Cordray both used the program to offer low-interest loans to people impacted by disasters. In Kevin Boyce’s instance he used the program to offer loans to Ohioans impacted by tornadoes in Northwest Ohio and Cordray offered loans to homeowners who fell victim to summer floods.....

Mandel's slim legislative portfolio and his far right, tea party Republican leanings, make him a very, very scary candidate.  Since he has little background in writing legislation, would he be easily influenced by lobbyists, far right interest groups, and large contributions? 

*  Gov. John Kasich of Ohio has been bragging about his trip with Detroit's big three automakers.  Detroit Free Press:

....At Dearborn, the first stop of the day, Kasich met with Mark Fields, Ford executive vice president of the Americas. Then it was a stop in Detroit, where the Ohio governor met with General Motors' Mark Reuss, vice president and president of North America operations, and Bob Ferguson, vice president of global public policy.

Lastly, he went to Auburn Hills to meet with Chrysler senior vice president of manufacturing Scott Garberding.....

....Tuesday's meetings were "very, very positive and a significantly improved atmosphere compared to last time. And there was directness," he said. "We don't beat around the bush. They know my background."

They know about his background?  Which part of his background impressed them the most?

* Kasich was against the auto bailout money initiated by President Obama.  The money saved the automakers. If it had been up to Kasich, there would be no American automakers.

* Kasich was a vice president at Lehman Brothers.  When Lehman Brothers went bankrupt, pension funds, retirement funds, individuals, and corporations lost billions. The Lehman Brothers failure triggered the recession.

* Were they impressed by his job approval ratings (between 32-35%) in Ohio?

* Were they impressed by his pompous, braggadocious demeanor?  Did he actually take time to listen to you?

* Did he tell you the fable that he alone saved the government in the 1990's?  Most people agree, President Clinton won that one.