Friday, August 19, 2011

Hot News!!!

*  Do you find it odd that former Gov. Ted Strickland had been in talks with Calisolar before he left office, and then when Kasich became governor, the deal was lost?  Was there something about Kasich's personality that turned off the decision makers at Calisolar?

*  Despite the pleading, and begging coming from Gov. John Kasich, We Are Ohio will NOT take Issue 2 off the ballot. See GadsdenNews.  Vote NO on Issue 2.

*** If you missed it----  The Ohio Daily Blog has some very interesting information found at RedStateOhio about some of the suspicious campaign contributions that were received by the campaign of Josh Mandel.


Meet Ben Suarez. Ben is a direct marketing entrepreneur who did well for himself helping people hock their goods. 

He hasn’t made it without controversy. He’s had his bell rung by several state attorney generals after consumer complaints for scams and false advertising. And Suarez’s recent political activity may attract some unwanted attention from the government.

According to the latest campaign finance report for Job-Hoppin Josh Mandel’s U.S. Senate campaign, Suarez figured out how to funnel $120,000 to his favorite candidate. The fact that Suarez’s employees were somehow able to pony up $10,000 each to Mandel’s campaign despite the fact that they have no record of giving to candidates in the past is curious at best. But that’s best left to the Federal Elections Commission and the FBI....

Sounds like trouble!!!!!
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>>>>>  Don't forget:  Tomorrow, Saturday, August 20th, there will be a special event at the Ohio State Fairgrounds from Noon until 8:30pm, for Stand Up for Ohio:

Warning:  If you are listening to the radio or TV this weekend and hear an announcer say that the Republican response will be seen/heard soon, change the channel/station.  This weekend, the Republican response to President Obama's weekly address will be given by Ohio Republican Gov. John Kasich.  Kasich will show the rest of the country his vainglorious, self-aggrandizing, egotistical personality.  Since taking office, he has continued to insult and disrespect the working men and women of our state.  Be thankful that he is not your governor.