Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mandel Saga Continues.....

*  It is the late Tuesday afternoon in Columbus, Ohio, and Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, Josh Mandel still has not submitted his required financial disclosure.

Wait!  A columnist in the Plain Dealer is giving him a pass because Mandel gave a financial disclosure in Ohio for his job as Ohio Treasurer.


....Mandel filed a statement of candidacy with the Federal Election Commission on April 6. On April 15, Mandel, currently Ohio’s treasurer, filed his annual financial disclosure statement with the Ohio Joint Legislative Ethics Committee. This is a less informative form of disclosure than the U.S. Senate’s, because it doesn’t require filers to include the value of investments.....

What do you think would happen if you tried justifying to the federal government that you filed a state income tax and would be filing your federal income tax return when you felt like it? Right.

I don't care if Mandel filed a financial disclosure with the state, or a cupcake factory.  He has still not followed federal law and has arrogantly refused to provide his federal financial disclosure to the proper office in a timely manner.

I wish that the Plain Dealer would stop trying to be Mandel's biggest supporter and be objective and honest.